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What is Numbeat?

Numbeat is a unique mathematics educational program, designed to develop your child’s maths ability whilst they enjoy playing a game.

Whilst other educational programs focus upon basic arithmetic problems, Numbeat instead presents your child with challenges reflecting real-life application of arithmetic. As your child progresses through the levels of Numbeat the complexity of the arithmetic problems they will face gradually increases, helping to build their skills. With over one hundred levels, and five different worlds, your child will enjoy plenty of challenges whilst building their maths ability.

Will Numbeat work for my child?

Numbeat has been developed based upon principles of learning identified in university research. Our research in childrens’ skill acquisition has led to the development of a practice program that is key to how your child’s maths ability 
will be improved through ongoing use of Numbeat. Trials of the Numbeat app in several primary schools have demonstrated that most children can solve standard arithmetic problems faster after having played Numbeat for as little as a few hours.

How can I get Numbeat?

Numbeat is available for both Android and iOS devices and is available for purchase via their app stores. To purchase Numbeat for your child click your app store link below:

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Numbeat was selected as a finalist in the 2014/15 OzAPP Awards.

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